First look at David Dobrik’s new $9.5 million LA mansion

David Dobrik /

Popular YouTube vlogger David Dobrik has bought an incredible $9.5 million mansion set up in the hills of Los Angeles, as the online influencer has finally found a new place to nestle up.

The long search for new digs has come to an end for the Slovak-born star, according to property records described by Dirt. Dobrik will now get cozy in a gigantic mansion to accommodate his larger-than-life charm, as shown in his hilarious Vine and YouTube videos since 2013.

His success has grown to the point where he’s now dropping massive stacks on a gorgeous LA property overlooking Tinseltown’s doorstep. This location is bound to be featured in some capacity in a new video or the occasional Instagram post, but fans can get a look at it in full below.

Sporting six bedrooms and seven bathrooms on a whopping 7,800 square feet of land, Dobrik’s new property is going to have no problem hosting friends and loved ones in the open-design rooms and living spaces.
The LA mansion was bought for $9.5 million and comes with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.
A massive room has an L-shape couch and ottomans that provide ample room for a movie marathon night.
Dobrik will be able to have multiple views of the same sunset from his new backyard.

Dobrik’s new home features a living room in two halves; on one end there’s room for a simple round table with multiple guests and across the way, there’s a traditional set-up overlooked by a giant granite-like wall with an electric fireplace.

There are wide-open spaces that have entire walls replaced with windows for an accessible view to the city below. In a more intimate capacity, even a wine closet is lined with windows for guests to peek into the owner’s collection.

The property has all the amenities to not only live freely like Dobrik is known for, but to also produce content in a lavish environment.
A wine room that has window-walls and a wooden staircase to complete the modern aesthetic.
The kitchen has a minimalist design with appliances flush against the wall.
The wide-open design of the home gives almost every room a great look of LA.

The YouTuber has been on the search for a new place for a while, and the urgency of the house-buying tour was made more prevalent in late June when Dobrik had to ask enthusiastic fans to stop showing up at his home.

Hopefully, this time around the love of his fans won’t disturb the security of his residence, since this place has all the potential to be the star’s next long-time abode.