Adin Ross reacts to Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed new song: “This s*** is f***ing trash”

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Adin Ross has reacted to Kai Cenat’s and IShowSpeed’s newest song Dogs, and he clearly did not like it, calling it “f***ing trash”. 

Kick’s top streamer has had a very eventful 2023 so far. From his infamous split from Twitch as well as his sudden espousal of the beliefs of Andrew Tate, it’s been a big change for the streamer.

However, the one thing he has always maintained is his friendships with fellow mega streamers Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed. No surprise, as the three came up to fame together with similar content. 

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Even when all three of them split off to their own respective platforms, IShowSpeed to YouTube and Kai staying at Twitch, they still maintained a friendship. 

However, with the new release of Kai Cenat’s and IShowSpeed’s newest collab song, “Dogs”, Adin Ross had a few criticisms of his own. 

Upon checking out the song, his first reaction was, “Alright this s*** is f***ing trash”. 

Before going on a tirade on the song, he clarifies, “I love both of them to death, I love both of them to death” he said twice. “But this s*** is f***ing horrible, it’s f***ing ass bro.” However, he does admit the song will most likely go viral, saying, “but this shit is going to go crazy though.” 

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He still reinforces his criticisms of the song. “Listen, if anyone’s gonna be on my d*** saying “you’re a L friend”, you’re telling me you’re gonna listen to this s*** in the car?”

Of course, this is really just all banter between friends. And it was quite clear the song, which uses a liberal sample of the Baha Men’s hit “Who Let the Dogs Out”, was meant to be a fun project for the two mega streamers. 

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