Cosplayer Jessica Nigri has stern request for invasive fans

Jessica Nigri, Instagram /

Jessica Nigri is famous in the cosplay community for her impressive crafting skills and risque costumes – but some fans are taking their enthusiasm a bit too far.

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Nigri posted a stern Tweet on March 21, where she begged invasive fans to stop visiting her home.

“I hate to have to say this,” Nigri began. “I shouldn’t have to say this… It is never okay to come to someone’s house you follow online.”

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Nigri went on to ask that fans respect the privacy of internet personalities in light of their online fame, ending her post with a plea in all caps.

“Good intentions or not, please please please respect people’s privacy,” she continued. “Coming to their homes is NEVER OKAY. FOR ANY REASON.”

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Nigri’s Tweet prompted an outpouring of support from across the cosplay community, with other personalities in the space recounting their own horror stories of unwelcome fan visitations.

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Even the Game Grumps’ Suzy Berhow admitted that fans have shown up to her home, with husband Arin Hanson concurring in a concerning reply.

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“Yes, people have shown up at our house,” Suzy stated. “No- it does not make you look like a ‘cool fun guy.’ You are a stalker with no understanding of boundaries.”

Even massive YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg created a video about this subject in 2016, claiming that fans continually stalked his home – despite moving many times over the course of his YouTube career.

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“I’ve even had parents coming over with their kids,” Kjellberg said of the issue. “…Just because you found my address doesn’t mean you found an invitation for you to come over.”

While it is presumed that Nigri’s post was made in response to such a visitation, she didn’t delve further into the topic (although she appears to be safe and sound, despite the interaction).

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