NuFo shocked after child hijacked her Twitch account and began streaming

NuFo - Instagram / Twitter

Gen.G streamer Melissa ‘NuFo’ found herself watching her own Twitch channel broadcasting live, and on the screen was a random child who had somehow gotten access to her account.

Behind the scenes of every Twitch channel is a streamer who is constantly making sure that their account is secure and has no possibility of being compromised.

One big concern that most streamers have, especially partnered ones with large followings, is that someone somehow will gain access and put everything they had worked so hard to build in jeopardy.

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That’s the position that NuFo found herself in on December 27, when someone began broadcasting live from her channel and it wasn’t her. The first logical guess would have been that she had gotten hacked. Instead, however, it was a random young child who didn’t even know that he was streaming.

Stunned, and probably stricken with stress, NuFo posted this clip of what was happening on Twitter, hoping to find some answers.

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How did the random child get access to NuFo’s Twitch account?

As it would turn out, there was a semi-logical explanation for how this odd situation had come to be. In a separate tweet, NuFo revealed that she had streamed from that same location for an event and somehow her information had been saved on the computer.

“I was streaming there for an event and I logged out but my stream key was still there without my knowledge,” she tweeted. “The people told me they would double-check and I assumed, since I’d logged out, that it was all gone.”

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Her stream key still being on the device is the important detail to take away, because that secret code is arguably the most important thing that a streamer has to keep safe to avoid someone else being able to stream from their account.

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All of that got resolved soon after, and it’s a good thing that it did, because NuFo also revealed that the man standing next to the child, presumably his father, was “flipping off” the cam and “telling his friends in a league chat to go to my stream.”

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It seems that her account is now back to being secure, as just hours after this oddity occurred, she is back online streaming live.

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