David Dobrik faces backlash over VIEWS podcast return after 5-month break

David Dobrik on the Views podcastYouTube: VIEWS

David Dobrik and Jason Nash have been receiving some backlash after they uploaded their first episode of the VIEWS podcast after a 5-month break.

YouTuber David Dobrik and Jason Nash have been collaborating on the VIEWS podcast together since 2017, inviting on a huge array of guests, and talking about some of the most topical things on social media.

In February 2021, the team even started uploading video versions of their podcast to YouTube in a studio.

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However, in March, the YouTuber took a 3-month long break from the internet after the Vlog Squad controversy where he lost several big sponsors and many subscribers. This meant he suspended uploading across all social media platforms, including the podcast.

david dobrik outside houseInstagram: daviddobrik
David Dobrik is one of YouTube’s biggest content creators.

Dobrik returned to content creation later in June, though he had a decidedly mixed reception.

Now, David and Jason have uploaded their first podcast back since the controversy, in an episode titled ‘David Has Left the Country.’ They are however only uploading the audio, and have not uploaded another video to the VIEWS channel.

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The vlogger uploaded a video in which he surprised Jason with the podcast return, but not everyone was happy about their decision to come back.

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“So basically you can do whatever you want then take a break for 3 months and come back like nothing happened,” one user wrote on a post shared by Def Noodles. “This genuinely just frustrates me,” another wrote.

Comments on a post about David Dobrik

However, the reaction wasn’t entirely negative, as one commenter wrote: “People love to hate. On my way! to watch the new VIEWS episode.” This reaction was echoed in the comments of Dobrik’s YouTube video and across other social media platforms.

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Comments on a post about David Dobrik

At the end of the episode, David revealed that he’s considering uploading two episodes a week, with one locked behind a paywall, saying that all of the money would go to the people that they surprise in the vlogs.

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