Dave Portnoy explains why Logan Paul is to blame for Call Her Daddy pay controversy

Dave Deiley
YouTube: Full Send Podcast / YouTube: Impaulsive

Dave Portnoy recently opened up on the Full Send podcast, retreading old ground with new light over the Call Her Daddy fallout from 2020. This time, he blames Logan Paul for bringing up pay conditions with the two hosts. 

The Call Her Daddy controversy, with hosts Sofia Franklyn and Alex Cooper splitting ways under the machinations of the enigmatic ‘Suit Man’ is bonafide internet legend. Going from unknown podcast hosts to multi-millionaires in the space of a few years, living the pipedream of content creators worldwide.

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Dave Portnoy, head of Barstool Sports, laid it all bare in conversation with the NELK boys on the April 14 episode of the FULL SEND podcast. Discussing how the two podcasters “got so big so fast, the original contract was outdated instantly almost.” He went deep on facts and figures relating to the split.

“They came on, they each got 70 grand. 70 grand a year that was their starting salaries, then the thing just exploded.”

YouTube: Call Her Daddy
Call Her Daddy rocketed up the Spotify and iTunes charts in its first year of release, becoming a global top 10 and listened to by millions.

Continuing on, Portnoy spoke about how a conversation with Logan Paul early on caused issues for the relationship between the hosts and the distributor.

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“They went out and they did a podcast with Logan Paul, I think they did Impaulsive, and Logan asked them how much they were making, they answered, and he was like ‘woah, you’re getting screwed.'”

Dave Portnoy went further with descriptions of the full event as it occurred in his eyes. “They came, during [the pandemic], Alex and Sofia, and they were getting ready to leave. And we needed ’em, so I made an unbelievable deal.

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“You guys can take the IP, I’ll shorten the contract, and give you more money, I just need you for a year.”

Talking to how they dealt with the deal, Dave said “Alex wanted it, Sofia refused it, supposedly because the boyfriend [suit man] said nope, I need to manage you, and then they split.”

Responding to a question of who ended up in a better situation, the Barstool Sports owner said “Well, Alex got a 3-year 60 million dollar deal from Spotify, so I’d say she did ok.”

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Closing out his thoughts on the Call Her Daddy drama, Dave Portnoy finished by saying “Sofia cost herself a lot of money. That’s one of the worst decisions ever made by a human”

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