Alex Cooper responds to hate after TikTok ‘exposes’ her photoshopping her body

Alex Cooper on InstagramInstagram: alexandracooper

Alex Cooper has revealed that she was sent nasty messages from followers after a viral TikTok “exposed” her for editing an image on Instagram, despite pushing a message of body positivity on her ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast.

On August 28, a TikTok quickly went viral after it was posted by @jillyyyygirllll, showing a before and after of a photo posted by Alex.

The clip was accompanied by Alex’s own voice, saying “girls we need to start owning what we look like. Tweak a couple things if you’ve got a pimple or something, but don’t morph your entire body.”

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The TikTok has over 2.3 million views at the time of writing, and so it managed to provoke quite a response – with Alex now responding to the backlash.

Alex Cooper sent hate over photoshop

On her latest episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast, titled “I Got Caught Photoshopping,” Cooper explains that she was surprised to see a particularly brutal message from someone on Instagram.

“I go onto Instagram and open my DMs and there’s a DM from a girl that says ‘go f**k yourself, you should kill yourself, you are the biggest f**king poser,” the message read. “You say you don’t edit your photos, you’ve been exposed you f**king c**t.” The person also sent a link to the TikTok.

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Topic starts at 6 minutes.

Cooper also explained the backstory behind the image in question. It had been taken during a night out in Las Vegas for her birthday, but that she was “uncomfortable” with how some of the shots from the evening had turned out.

“I didn’t like how my body looked. That night I felt so good and confident and happy, and then I saw those photos and I was upset.

So, she used a tool called FaceTune to edit the photo, in an attempt to portray a more “hourglass” shape to her body.

“I saw those photos and I was upset but immediately Lauren wanted to post it and I said hold on, I want to edit this photo. I have edited photos before, I don’t edit absolutely every single one, but I absolutely edit photos.”

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Unfortunately, her friend Lauren later posted a bunch of images from the trip, unedited, which is when fans noticed the discrepancy between the two photos.

Alex has since deleted the controversial image in question from her Instagram page.