Sofia Franklyn says she still hasn’t recovered from Call Her Daddy drama

Georgina Smith
Sofia Franklyn speaks on No Jumper podcastYouTube: No Jumper

After she left the wildly popular ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast in 2020 following some public drama, Sofia Franklyn has revealed that she still experiences effects on her mental health as a result of the situation.

The ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast was started in 2018 by hosts Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, and was originally partially owned and distributed by Barstool Sports.

The show gained a large amount of popularity very quickly, but in 2020 the show took a stumble after public drama began surrounding new contractual terms and pay. While Alex agreed to the new terms, Sofia didn’t come to an agreement, and this led to her exiting the podcast altogether.

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In October 2020, Sofia went on to release her own podcast titled ‘Sofia with an F,’ and Alex Cooper has now signed a $60 million deal for Call Her Daddy with Spotify.

The host has now spoken about how much of an impact that public drama had on her, and told No Jumper viewers that it’s still having an effect on her mental health a year later.

She explained that while the podcast had already gained a lot of traction, this drama made it more popular than ever. “We were huge,” she said, “but that drama just blew it the f**k up in a way that I can’t even explain, it was wild. People love drama, they f**king love it.”

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Sofia also explained why there was no balance when it came to her and Alex responding individually after everything blew up. “I think there was no strategy that could have saved me in that instance. Because if you’re looking at these ‘sports bros’ and the audience they had, and then you’re looking at the platform I was on for two years, you know, she was able to release her side to all those people.”

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“What did I have? My Instagram account? I couldn’t get on the podcast and release anything, you know? So they had literally millions of people, I had whatever I have on Instagram, like 700-800,000.”

The podcaster even revealed that the situation is still having an effect on her to this day. “I’m still not recovered, to be completely honest, like I still have things that are lingering from that, and it happened a year ago. Mental health, not good, let’s put it that way.”

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Alex Cooper’s $60 million deal with Spotify for Call Her Daddy was announced on June 15, and the show will be moving exclusively to Spotify on July 21.

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