D’Amelio family pledges to donate $300k winnings from Mr Beast’s Creator Games

D'Amelios donating $300k to fansYouTube: The D'Amelio Family

TikTok queen Charli D’Amelio and her family have chosen to donate the $3,000 they received after winning YouTuber Mr Beast’s Creator Games back in October — a victory that led to major drama in the influencer community.

Charli D’Amelio is TikTok’s most-followed content creator, boasting over 104 million followers on the viral video app alongside sister Dixie and their parents, Heidi and Marc D’Amelio.

While the family is generally drama-free, they found themselves at the center of online controversy after winning Mr Beast’s Creator Games in October, scoring a jaw-dropping $300,000 for their fans in the process.

However, many critics accused the D’Amelio’s of cheating, referring to moments during the broadcast where Dixie appeared to be looking at her phone for answers to the Games’ trivia questions or claiming that the girls’ parents looked up the answers for them (who had initially not been invited to participate).

Now, nearly three months later, the D’Amelio’s have revealed what they plan to do with their huge winnings, as announced during a short video on December 28.

In the video, the TikTok royalty stated that they would be donating the cash directly to subscribers of their family YouTube channel over the course of January.

This means that, over the upcoming 30 days of January, one lucky subscriber of the D’Amelio Family will receive $10,000 each day — not a bad deal, right?

All fans need to do to score a chance at winning is to be subscribed to the D’Amelio Family YouTube channel. That’s it!

Despite the jaw-dropping amount of money coming to fans of the D’Amelio family very soon, they are still being met with heavy criticism online, with some accusing the D’Amelio’s of merely using this as a tax write-off to get in the pubic’s good graces.

The D’Amelio’s announcement likewise follows a huge blowup that occurred over the course of November, when both Dixie and Charli were accused of “disrespectful” behavior toward their family chef and their fans.

It seems that the scandal hasn’t completely blown over just yet, as the group continues to face heavy speculation in the midst of their announcement, despite their sincere attempt to “start 2021 on the right foot.”