Dafran announces Twitch streaming return in shocking farm career update

Michael Gwilliam
Dafran works on a farmInstagram/farmerdafran

Retired Overwatch League pro and popular Twitch streamer Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca made headlines when he decided to give up streaming to become a farmer. Now, the Danish DPS prodigy has revealed he will be returning to Twitch in a new update.

On June 2, Dafran shocked the world when he revealed he would be quitting Twitch to start a new life as a farmer.

While many didn’t believe the Overwatch star would actually make the jump, their doubts were silenced when he didn’t stream after making the announcement and seemingly disappearing from the internet.

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As it turns out, Dafran had been working on a farm nearby, and even quit school to help grow fruits and vegetables.


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Lets grow dude

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Despite Dafran seemingly learning a lot and enjoying his new job working alongside an experienced farmer, in a subsequent update, he revealed he was moving on.

“Got the house for the farm!” he exclaimed in a November 11 tweet. “In 3 months I move in and can get the farm ready for Spring.”

As it turns out, the hitscan player had quit his job because he felt ready to go about farming on his own and run his own business.

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“I quit working at Økotopens place, he taught me the basics and I feel ready, very thankful for him,” Dafran said.

However, this also means good news for any fans hoping to see Francesca click heads and dominate in games like Overwatch and Valorant again.

“The plan now is to learn online and stream again, until I can move in,” he added. So, for anyone looking to see if Dafran still has what it takes, he has three months until he moves onto his next farm project.

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There is no telling how successful Francesca will be going forward, but it’s clear he has a lot of enthusiasm for the career change. We can’t wait to see how things work out for the ex-Overwatch pro.

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