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Dafran explains why he quit farm school after only two months

Published: 16/Sep/2020 23:55

by Michael Gwilliam


Semi-retired streamer turned farmhand, Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca, revealed during his return to Twitch that he quit school after just two months to do unpaid work.

During his well-hyped Twitch return where he appropriately played Farm Simulator 19, the former Overwatch League pro discussed his ambitions and future plans.

“I actually quit my education,” the Danish streamer revealed. “I just chilled for two months after streaming.”

As it turns out, while Dafran was beginning his schooling, he applied to some internships and the one he was really interested in wrote him back.

“The place I’m at now does exactly what I want to do,” he said, referring to Okotopen, a farmer/company that grows and sells fruits and vegetables. “He’s the only one in Denmark doing this – the thing I want to do.”


After meeting with the man who runs the company, he agreed to take Francesca on.

“I started working out there the other day. I was like, ‘f**k education, dude. I’m just going to go work here!’” he exclaimed.

According to the hitscan prodigy, he knows “exactly what he wants to do” and in only half a year can learn everything he needs to know and more about his line of work.

Meanwhile, the schooling he would have done was going to reportedly take him four years to complete, something Dafran was opposed to. So, instead of going to school, he’s learning what he needs to as an intern and working for free: “It’s worth it, because the knowledge is worth the goal, dude. It’s easily worth.”

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While it’s sad that we don’t see that many incredible Overwatch or Valorant plays from Dafran anymore, at least he seems genuinely happy with his life choices, which hopefully continue long into the future.