Dafran explains why Soldier 76’s new Overwatch buffs are “perfect”

Michael Gwilliam
Dafran and Soldier 76 in Overwatch

Former Overwatch League pro-turned-farmer and Twitch streamer Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca had the time of his life with the new Soldier 76 buffs during his latest broadcast.

Francesca, who has rarely streamed since retiring to work on becoming a farmer, played some Overwatch on October 15 and was impressed with the buffs to one of his best heroes, Soldier 76.

Thanks to the changes that completely removed Soldier’s spread and replaced it with constant recoil, those who can control the aim (such as Dafran) can use the fully automatic fire to their advantage.

As you can see in the clips below, Dafran is able to track beautifully and keep his finger on the trigger to delete every enemy he sees.

Previously, because of 76’s crazy spread, players had to fire in bursts, stop, and fire again to maintain any sort of accuracy. That’s all changed now, and according to the Danish DPS star, the hero is perfect.

Taking to Twitter, Dafran explained how impressed he was with the buffs. “I love the change to Soldier, adding recoil and increasing accuracy. Great direction for him, making him more rewarding to play and increasing the skill cap.”

Another player noted that the streamer seemed to have forgotten that Soldier received more ammo in his rifle as well, but Dafran had an interesting comment about that, too.

“I feel like the 30 bullets is just perfect with this change, too,” he replied. “I forgot to mention it, but it really feels good with those extra 5 bullets.”

While all the Soldier 76 changes are a net buff, there was still one little nerf on the table for the damage hero last patch.

His Pulse Rifle bullet damage dropped ever so slightly from 20 to 19, but that seems to not be an issue for Francesca, who can take full advantage of not having any spread to mess up his shots.

Even though Dafran rarely streams anymore, it’s always a treat when he does – especially when he can show off his incredible Soldier 76 skills.

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