Creepy Skinwalker TikToks terrify users ahead of Halloween

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TikTok users are getting into the spooky spirit of Halloween, as the fabled Navajo Skinwalker legend trend has re-emerged on the platform, bringing plenty of scares and frights along the way. 

The world of TikTok is always evolving, providing an outlet for bite-size bursts of humor, bizarre antics, and more. Some TikTok users are even expanding into other career paths due to their immense success.

One thing is clear, everyone is getting into the spirit of Halloween, creating delightful new trends to celebrate the spookiest time of year.

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From simply awesome Simpsons-inspired outfits to brilliant make-up artistry, there is plenty of spooky to be had. However, one trend that is keeping users awake at night is the terrifying Navajo legend of the Skinwalker.

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The Skinwalker or “Goatman” has appeared before as TikTokers join in on the fun speculation.

What is a Skinwalker on TikTok?

While the trend of the Skinwalker has been around before in various iterations, the hashtag now has over 600 million views at the time of writing.

Based on the Native American legend, the Skinwalker is said to be a Witch that can inhabit the bodies of living animals, possessing them with evil intent to lure humans to their unruly demise.

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The trend originally appeared in 2020, surrounded by obscurity. Now, users are resurrecting the legend for Halloween, claiming to have sighted the frightening being in the wild.

TikTok user @Fire_Warrior182 is one of many users posting their own contributions to the legend, with this particular video noting “this is one of the most common forms one would take” when it comes to the appearance of Skinwalker.

Other users claim to encounter the sounds of a Skinwalker attempting to lure them into desolate areas.

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Whether the legend is true or not, be sure to bring your torch this Halloween, especially if you’re in Arizona, Texas, or Utah.

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