Viral TikTok brings Marge Simpson's wig to life in "iconic" Halloween costume - Dexerto

Viral TikTok brings Marge Simpson’s wig to life in “iconic” Halloween costume

Published: 27/Oct/2021 23:46

by Theo Salaun


A Marge Simpson Halloween costume posted to TikTok and Twitter is going viral as people obsess over Kadejah ‘topfiveclothing’ Baylor’s gravity-defying, picture-perfect wig.

Marge Simpson can’t be the easiest cartoon character to create for Halloween. But Kadejah Baylor, a fashion designer and content creator, was apparently ready to take on the challenge of blue hair that goes as high as the eye can see.

Posting her Marge costume to TikTok and Twitter, Baylor has received millions of views and over 100,000 likes — as well as countless replies and questions.

The questions most prominently asked surround how she was able to hold the wig up. And, in response, Baylor responded that it’s built on her “will to get this content.” And, it cannot be stressed enough, this is most certainly some serious content.


Viral TikTok’s Marge Simpson costume goes viral for limitless wig

Baylor captioned her video quite casually on Twitter: “Wig by me.” But it’s easy to see why that was the focus of attention, as the wig — a massive, blue centerpiece — defies all laws of physics by standing tall.

In a separate video, she actually broke down how to create the wig (which should satisfy some who were wondering about the laws of physics). Still, it remains unclear if anyone will actually dare to try it out themselves. 

Baylor’s choice of sound for the video has also been admired. It’s an exchange between Marge and Lisa Simpson about deciding to buy something or not, while Baylor lip syncs and holds up a Telfar bag.


In one response, someone keyed in on that interaction — noting that supporting Telfar “is an investment in an immigrant entrepreneur, visionary, and creative.”

While it’s nice to see someone appreciate Baylor’s creative direction and prop usage, the majority of replies are centered on the hair. With words like “iconic” and “amazing,” people seem delighted to see Marge’s trademark tower of blue recreated in full glory.