Couple takes revenge on neighbors by setting off fireworks at 7 am

screenshots of couple taking revenge on neighborsTikTok: Little Monsters

A video went viral on TikTok where a couple set off fireworks at 7 in the morning as revenge against their neighbors who kept them up late at night.

The 4th of July is an occasion celebrated across the USA on the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. The staple way of celebrating the day is usually with a fireworks show.

Although some people enjoy these shows outside their homes, others choose to celebrate indoors. Of course, this might not always be a pleasant experience for their neighbors if the party goes on all night.

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In fact, one couple decided to clap back at their neighbors by setting off fireworks at 7 am in a now-viral TikTok video.

Couple’s way of taking revenge goes viral

TikTok user Little Monsters posted a video of them setting off fireworks on the morning of July 4. The video was captioned, “How’s that hangover working for you?”

The couple are chilling in the pool, while the text on the video says, “When your drunk neighbors set off fireworks until 1 a.m. last night, so you decide to set off your own at 7 a.m.”

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The clip is short but the couple had huge smirks on their faces as the dogs kept barking constantly.

Users supported the couple on TikTok

People on TikTok were supportive of the duo and completely understood their frustration. Many of them appreciated their version of getting back at their neighbors.

A person even suggested, “You have to get portable Bose speakers out for some tunes.” Another user shared that their neighbor likes to “blast their pool surround sound late on weeknights”.

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They continued that their version of clapping back is letting their dog out by 5 am. “You guys are nice neighbors! I would have blasted the national anthem, the Jimi version, with the dogs at 4 a.m,” one person chimed in.

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