Corpse Husband opens up on pressure making him feel like a “failure”

Georgina Smith
Corpse Husband's logo in a circle over his face, by the Twitter logo

Fans have rallied around popular YouTuber and streamer Corpse Husband with the hashtag ‘HugsForCorpse’ after he revealed the pressure he feels to make consistent content, saying he feels like a “failure.”

No one has had a 2020 success story quite like Corpse Husband. Originally a horror story narrator on YouTube, he experienced an unprecedented explosion in popularity after he joined the Among Us hype.

His 5.6 million subscribers are certainly a devoted fanbase, with one fan even getting a tattoo of one of his hair strands that he posted on Instagram, a play on the fact that he doesn’t show his face in his content.

Corpse seems to have been working non-stop all year on both his YouTube and Twitch channel, as well as collaborating with some huge creators like Mr Beast and fellow rising star Sykkuno.

Corpse Husband image next to hair strand reveal
Corpse Husband has not yet revealed his face, although has done a hair strand reveal.

But the sudden rise to popularity no doubt comes with some negative side effects, and the YouTuber shared how that pressure has been affecting him recently.

“Every day that I don’t put out content like a stream, video, song, project, etc I feel like such a failure,” he wrote on his alt account, “I hate it so much lol. I know most creators feel this way too.”

While Corpse puts out a significant amount of content and has been streaming a lot recently, along with making appearances in other YouTubers’ videos, he has not uploaded on YouTube in several weeks.

Fans immediately flocked to his account to share some positive thoughts with him, trying to alleviate some of the pressure he feels to create frequent content.

“You ARE NOT A FAILURE Corpse,” one follower replied. “We all love you so much, it’s ok take your time, we are here for you.”

Another responded by saying “Don’t over work yourself Corpse. You don’t have to do things daily for us, we’ll always be here for you. Take your time in doing whatever it is you want!”