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Corpse Husband explains how meeting Sykkuno IRL was exactly as fans would expect

Published: 28/Mar/2021 11:44

by Georgina Smith


Viral YouTube star Corpse Husband explained why meeting streamer Sykkuno in person went exactly as fans would expect after he hand-delivered merch to him.

Corpse Husband has seen insane follower growth over the past year, going from horror narration YouTuber to gaming sensation overnight thanks to the Among Us craze of 2020.

Known for his extraordinarily deep voice and for never showing his face, the YouTuber is surrounded by a lot of intrigue. Fans love watching his streams with fellow creators like Sykkuno, and they were absolutely ecstatic when Corpse revealed on March 24 that they met each other in person.

The star uploaded a video of him hand delivering Sykkuno some of his merch, and it got people wondering what the real-life interaction was like for the pair, after having spoken exclusively via the internet for so long.



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Speaking about the meeting, Corpse explained that he was determined to get his merch over to his fellow streamer. “I told you all I’d do it. I’m so petty and like I’ll keep my word for everything. So when I said I was gonna hand-deliver that man my merch, I had to do it,” he said.

He also revealed that he gave Sykkuno “the only one I had, the first one to ever exist,” showing just how much he wanted his friend to have his merch.

Corpse went on to say: “me meeting Sykkuno in person is probably exactly what you thought it was gonna be. I don’t know how much I can talk about,” adding that “we’re both very very awkward, reclused people.”


The pair have appeared in countless collaborations together, playing a variety of games on stream for their fans to enjoy, and becoming closer in the process.

Their supporters have loved seeing their friendship develop, and their meeting in real life was no doubt a huge milestone.

Many will now be curious to see if the two popular creators will produce any more IRL content.