What does Sykkuno’s name mean? Twitch & YouTube star reveals context

Sykkuno reveals name meaningTwitch: Sykkuno

Sykkuno’s fans have wanted to know the meaning behind his name for a long time now, but he actually opened up about it on stream once before, and it’s probably not what you’d expect.

Sykkuno doesn’t need an introduction anymore. It’s been a while since he exploded onto the scene, but it’s fair to say he’s become a household name in the streaming community, and just about everyone has heard of him.

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But interestingly enough, not everyone knows the meaning behind his name. It’s obviously not related to his real name, Thomas, nor does it seem to mean anything obvious.

However, most people don’t realize he’s opened up about it before.

Sykkuno at his stream setupSykkuno, Twitch
Sykkuno is one of the biggest streamers in the world.

“I’ll be totally honest, guys. People ask me a lot of things like, ‘how did you come up with the name Sykkuno?’” he said.

“The answer is always, ‘I just randomly thought of it, and it sounded funny.’”

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And funnily enough, that’s all there is to it. “I wish I had some cool story or [that] it meant something. I really wish there was some cool meaning to it.”

“But to be completely honest… I thought Sykkuno sounded cool, so I went with [it], and that’s pretty much the entirety of it.”

It’s a little different from, say, Pokimane or Valkyrae, which is a play on their actual names, Imane and Rachel.

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It’s also different from Corpse Husband, which clearly ties into the theme of his YouTube Channel.

But at the same time, it’s not all that surprising. Sykkuno is the epitome of a happy-go-lucky guy, and if anyone was going to pick a random name for the sake of it, it would definitely be him.

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