When will Corpse Husband merch be back in stock?

Published: 21/Jan/2021 16:01 Updated: 21/Jan/2021 18:21

by Georgina Smith


Fans of YouTube sensation Corpse Husband were left stunned after his first-ever merch drop sold out of all its products within about 10 minutes – but it seems another drop could be on its way soon.

While Corpse Husband had a following on YouTube before last year with his horror narration content, he shot to new heights of popularity in 2020 following his activity within the gaming community, particularly with indie hit Among Us.

He is known for not showing his face on camera, but that hasn’t stopped him from amassing an enormous fanbase which is now up to 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and more on other platforms.

Thanks to popular demand, Corpse decided that he would create a merch store for his loyal fans, and teased the drop on Twitter in December. He warned “it is limited in quantity due to time frames and production constraints,” though he also said fans can be sure that the products will be great quality, “these aren’t just designs printed onto blank hoodies, it’s more complicated than that.”

Corpse Husband merch sells out

While Corpse mentioned he was nervous, it seems that he didn’t have anything to worry about, as when the merch was finally dropped on December 24 it sold out almost instantly.

Many fans said that it took only 10 minutes for the merch to sell out, with some making it all the way to checkout before finding out it was already gone.

35 minutes after the drop, Corpse took to Twitter to share his appreciation for his viewers. “I don’t even know what to say, thank you so much,” he wrote.

When will Corpse Husband merch be restocked?

Of course, many fans are now wondering when they next might be able to get their hands on some of the creative merch.

As Corpse mentioned prior to the drop, and as it is written on the site’s FAQ, this merch drop was actually a pre-sale, meaning “a new product that is available for sale before it’s in stock and ready to ship.”

In his voice memo before the launch, Corpse projected the delivery for this round of merch to be around late-January, and along with time frames and production constraints he mentioned, it’s unclear when the next drop will be.

At the time of writing, instead of displaying the sold-out products, the Corpse Husband merch site shows a message that reads ‘restock soon,’ which is great news for fans who missed out the first time around.

There isn’t anything to indicate any particular time frame for a new release, but the site allows you to enter your email address in order to be notified about upcoming launches.

The success of this first drop bodes well for the future, and there’s no doubt that fans will be gearing up to support their favorite creator, and hopefully beat the insane demand next time around.


David Dobrik reveals his “biggest regret” after losing out on $13 million with Tesla

Published: 21/Jan/2021 14:22

by Jacob Hale


David Dobrik has revealed the biggest regret of his life, after missing out on a life-changing amount of money with Tesla.

It’s fair to say that Dobrik isn’t exactly strapped for cash. He made insane amounts of money becoming a YouTube sensation, though his vlogs are currently on hold with the ongoing global health situation, uploading just once since the start of March 2020.

However, as they say, money breeds money, and David will have multiple revenue streams from which to continue his Hollywood lifestyle.

One of these revenue streams seems to be through trading stocks and shares, and claims his biggest regret has come as a result of this.

david dobrik mindblown by tesla
YouTube: David Dobrik
Dobrik’s Tesla has become synonymous with his content.

David has been known for his love of his Tesla in recent years, but it seems that his love is more than just that of a customer: he actually invested in the company three years ago.

While this looks like a stroke of genius, with how much Tesla has grown, David actually messed up big time by getting cold feet and pulling out around a week later for $7000.

In a TikTok posted by the star, he shows an old clip of his VIEWS podcast in which he reveals he ploughed $1m into the company. With just a $7000 profit in a week, David decided to crunch the numbers… and it’s not pretty.

He said: “I did the math and today, I could have sold the same stock for $13 million… F**k me.”


biggest regret of my entire life hahaha

♬ original sound – DAVID DOBRIK

It’s almost impossible to imagine the pain David felt seeing that figure pop up on his calculator.

Making 13 times your investment is always a solid return, but when we’re talking literal millions, the regret must be unfathomable to us regular folk.

Needless to say, Dobrik has probably built his wealth a considerable amount more since then, so he’s probably more willing to see these investments out now. Hopefully, he’ll never miss out on a near-$13m profit again.