Corinna Kopf roasts Alinity over Twitch’s “inconsistent” ban policy

L: Corinna Kopf R: Alinity

Corinna Kopf roasted fellow Twitch streamer Alinity over Twitch’s “inconsistent” policy following her birthday ban.

Model and streamer Corinna Kopf revealed she had been banned from Twitch because she was wearing “undergarments” even though she disputes that.

To make matters even worse, it was during a stream in which she was celebrating her birthday with her over 400,000 followers. When she was hit with the ban, she compared it to streamers being able to wear body paint and for throwing their cat.

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Of course, Kopf is referring to Alinity’s now-infamous moment where she tossed a cat over her shoulder and was able to avoid a Twitch ban.

Instagram: Corinna KopfCorinna Kopf unleased on Alinity.

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Following the incident, Alinity was investigated by an animal rights group, condemned by PETA, and even had a petition made about her that asked for her banning.

Despite all of that, Twitch decided not to ban her and it has drawn a lot of criticism by members of the community and other streamers, including Kopf, have decided to use her as an example of how inconsistent bans can really be.

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Alinity has turned into somewhat of a pariah in the community, which makes her a frequent target of jabs like this.

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Alinity responded to Kopf’s complaint by saying “but her emails” which is a reference to the 2016 US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her use of a private server to send emails.

It could have just ended there but Corinna ramped it up and brought the big guns.

“Girl, you let your dog stick (its) face in your v*gina for 10 seconds lmfao,” she responded.

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For those out of the loop on this reference, it’s because of a clip that has been going viral where Alinity is doing yoga on her stream when her dog sticks its nose where no dog ever should.

As her dog was doing it, she let out a laugh as her other dog and cat looked on.

Alinity didn’t respond to that and said she was sympathetic to Kopf, explaining that she should work on her own issues first before looking for excuses.

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Kopf fired back by saying she’s not looking for excuses, but just giving examples and it just so happens that a lot of them include Alinity.

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“I’m not looking for an excuse, I’m just pointing out the inconsistency in their rules and banning process, and you just so happen to be an example on multiple occasions,” she said.

While Alinity has been the internet’s punching bag when it comes to Twitch bans, she has done a decent job staying out of the spotlight since her cat tossing. However, just when she thinks she’s out, someone pulls her back in.

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