Alinity shares SPCA investigation findings following cat-tossing scandal

Virginia Glaze

Controversial Twitch streamer Alinity Divine stirred backlash across the net after angrily tossing her pet cat over her head during a live broadcast, prompting investigation from a local animal rights group – and the organization has finally revealed their findings.

After Alinity’s clip went viral, the Saskatoon SPCA Tweeted that they had received a “formal cruelty complaint” regarding the incident, with even the likes of PETA begging Twitch to ban her from their platform.

Despite the backlash, Alinity welcomed the SPCA to investigate the treatment of her animals, claiming that the org would visit her home in a “couple of days.”

After four days of waiting, the Saskatoon SPCA finally published a statement regarding the scandal to Facebook, where they effectively cleared Alinity of all scrutiny, arguing that she had “no malicious intent” and even “expressed remorse” concerning her cat-tossing controversy.

“The investigation determined that there was no malicious intent in any of the reported incidents, and the owner expressed genuine remorse for her actions,” the post read. “…The actions depicted in each incident were not malicious in nature and the animals appeared healthy and well.”

Saskatoon SPCA, Facebook600

Alinity herself later Tweeted out the post to her personal account, although she has yet to speak further on the incident as of publishing this piece, aside from notifying viewers that she will resume streaming on Saturday, July 27.

Despite the SPCA’s conclusive findings, critics are sounding off in anger across the net, with many questioning the language used in the organization’s post concerning the case.

“Lmao. There was no malicious intent in you throwing your cat or feeding it vodka?” one user Tweeted. “Lol k.”

“Disappointing that someone can put their animals in danger, but it’s all okay if they show remorse,” another wrote. “I have no words right now.”

In fact, the outrage against Alinity has become so great that the streamer even claimed critics were asking her neighbors where she lived – a development she deemed “really scary.”

With the SPCA’s findings finally publicized, both fans and critics alike await an official statement from Twitch, as Alinity has yet to receive a ban from the platform for what many deem to be “abusive” behavior toward her pet.

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