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Corinna Kopf has perfect reaction to hate following Facebook Gaming move

Published: 31/Dec/2019 21:52 Updated: 31/Dec/2019 21:54

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Fortnite streamer, model and YouTuber Corinna Kopf made the surprise jump from Twitch to Facebook Gaming in late December — but not everyone is happy with her success on the platform.

While Kopf has been a target of online harassment since the beginning of her romance with Fortnite pro Turner “Tfue” Tenney in March 2019, the content creator is coming under fire once again following her major streaming switch later in the year.

However, she’s proving that words can’t bring her down, as shown by her humorous response to a hater asking her to break up with Tfue, among a slew of other sexist insults.

Corinna Kopf, TwitterYouTuber and streamer Corinna Kopf made the massive jump to Facebook Gaming, in wake of fellow streamer “Disguised Toast’s” move a month prior.

“Disgusting wh*re,” the now-deleted Tweet read. “No one is gonna take your relationship with Turner seriously. And you’re gonna be known as a sl*t for the rest of your career, you realize that? @Tfue dump her bro.”

Kopf took the exceedingly hateful remark in stride, replying by tagging her beau and echoing the hater’s sentiment a la the “condescending Spongebob” meme. “Dump me bro @Tfue,” she wrote.

Corinna Kopf, Twitter

Tfue himself even chimed in on the matter, replying to Kopf’s tag with a gif of a dump truck emptying its contents into a river as though to further mock the fan’s ridiculous comment.

This isn’t the first time Kopf has received vitriol in wake of her move to Facebook Gaming, by far: in fact, the streamer butted heads with Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR shortly after her announcement, with KEEMSTAR appearing to insinuate that Kopf’s success was purely driven by her relationship with Tfue.

Much like her reaction to the angry hater, Kopf took KEEMSTAR’s “gold-digger” accusation in stride, writing, “C’mon keem, we have so much in common! We both have careers because of other people.”

Kopf’s switch to Facebook Gaming follows her divisive ban from Twitch just a few weeks prior, which came about due to a year-old clip that featured the streamer adjusting a lace bralette beneath her shirt.

Now, she has found success on another platform — a huge win for her, in spite of her haters’ misguided abuse.


Griffin Johnson not surprised Bryce Hall & Addison Rae are official again

Published: 1/Dec/2020 6:36

by Brad Norton


Bryce Hall and Addison Rae just announced that they’re officially back together again, though fellow TikTok star Griffin Johnson has explained why he wasn’t surprised at all.

After a full year of on again off again social media teasers, ‘Braddison’ is finally official. Despite months of dodging rumors and claiming they were just friends, the two TikTok celebs officially confirmed their relationship on November 30.

 “He asked me out on October 13 to be his girlfriend,” Rae explained in a November 30 YouTube video. “This is our second time dating.”

While the confirmation set the internet ablaze, with fans around the world overjoyed at the news, one TikTok star wasn’t all too shocked.


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“I mean… are we surprised?” Johnson said in an interview with The Hollywood Fix on the same day. “I’m not surprised,” he said before laughing in light of the announcement. Obviously one of Hall’s closest friends, he’s sure to have known the good news for quite some time now.

After taking things slow throughout all of 2020, it came as no surprise to Johnson that the duo got back together.

The newly reformed TikTok couple kept things under wraps at first. A few months went by as they got the relationship going for the second time before making it public. “Well, it’s the internet,” Johnson said, implying the two kept things under wraps to avoid new levels of attention.

While Johnson himself isn’t involved with a significant other just yet, he joked off the lovey-dovey nature of his friend’s relationship. “He’s such a simp,” he said while laughing about a recent post from Hall.

Clowning their announcement one last time, he brought up a post from the very start of the year. Hall may have kissed Rae over New Years’, but “it’s weird because Bryce kissed me first,” Johnson joked.

“Addison didn’t know about that.”