Corinna Kopf exposes FaZe Adapt DMs after “snake” insult

Corinna Kopf, YouTube / FaZe Adapt, Instagram

The feud between Facebook Gaming streamer Corinna Kopf and FaZe Adapt continues, after the FaZe Clan member publicly addressed his comments about Kopf — alongside a new insult.

Kopf and Adapt’s spat began over Twitter on June 8, after Adapt appeared to insinuate that the streamer had “dated every guy in Los Angeles” in response to one of her posts about an ex-boyfriend.

In response, Kopf seemed to accuse Adapt of “sl*t shaming,” and claimed that she’d only dated three men since moving to the SoCal City.

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A few hours later, Adapt addressed their spat in a video via his Instagram story, where he clarified that he wasn’t making misogynistic comments but instead didn’t “condone snake a** h*es” — a comment he echoed in a tweet around the same time.

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“I grew up in a household with four women,” he wrote. “Their names are Sydney, Vienna, Milan and Paris. I respect women and I love my sisters. But I don’t condone snake a** h*es… That’s all.”

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Kopf was quick to bite back at Adapt’s post, exposing their direct messages in a quote-retweet that revealed he’d apologized to her privately regarding his comments after she’d reached out to him over the matter.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you upset, I promise,” Adapt wrote. “I just thought it was funny. If that hurt you I genuinely am sorry. I was just trolling lmao, I’m bored, I got nothing against you.”

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It doesn’t look like Kopf was interested in accepting his purported apology, though, as told by her caption of the screenshotted messages.

“Why didn’t you call me a snake a** h*e when I DM’d you?” Kopf hit back. “You don’t even know me? And you’re calling me a snake a** h*e? Lol.”

Kopf isn’t the only one slamming Adapt for his comments; critics have similarly hit out at the FaZe member, but thus far, he hasn’t walked back his statement, claiming he’s fine with “taking the heat” in response to a fan.

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Both Adapt and Kopf have yet to speak further on their argument at the time of writing.