Corinna Kopf slams FaZe Adapt over “shaming” comments

Corinna Kopf, FaZe Adapt - YouTube

YouTuber and Facebook Gaming streamer Corinna Kopf has hit back at FaZe Adapt after he made “sl*t shaming” comments toward her in regards to one of her previous relationships over Twitter.

Kopf became involved with the FaZe group during her relationship with Fortnite pro and Twitch streamer Turner “Tfue” Tenney in March 2019, with the two breaking up twice due to purported issues with distance.

Despite their final breakup being nearly four months ago and Tfue ultimately leaving FaZe Clan, member Adapt is hitting out at Kopf after she tweeted about an ex-boyfriend unfollowing her on social media.

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“My ex still follows my dog but has unfollowed me on everything… Feels bad,” she posted.

Adapt was quick to take shots at the streamer, quote-tweeting her post with, “When you date every dude in LA, that’ll probably happen.”

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Kopf appeared to respond to Adapt’s tweet with another post that read, “Sl*t shame me harder, daddy,” seeming to accuse the FaZe member of insulting her for her past relationships.

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That’s not all: she went on to quote-retweet Adapt’s reply to her original post, giving a scathing response to his unsolicited comment.

“Since you think you know my s*xual habits so well Alex: I’ve dated three guys and in the SIX years I’ve lived in LA,” she hit back. “I’ve had a TOTAL of nine d**ks inside of me… Not that it should even matter, but probably far, far less than you… but go off!”

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Even YouTube star Tana Mongeau got involved in the drama, replying to Adapt’s tweet by asking, “Why tweet that Alex, c’mon!”

According to Adapt, he was just “Trying to make Twitter fun again” — but Kopf wasn’t the only one accusing him of potentially sexist remarks, as a fan likewise accused the FaZe member of “sl*t shaming” the content creator.

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“I’m not shaming **it, she’s the boss now to simps like you LMAO,” Adapt replied.

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Kopf has yet to speak out further on the topic at the time of writing, but it doesn’t look like Adapt is “fazed” by the backlash toward his unprompted comments.