TikTok Trends: Creators are “accidentally” throwing water at their loved ones

Alice Hearing

Brent Rivera and Colleen Ballinger are among the creators throwing water at their friends and family in one of the latest trends to blow up on TikTok, and we’ve got everything there is to know about it.

What’s the trend?

In an example of simple, but effective comedy, creators on TikTok are pranking their friends and loved ones by “accidentally” spilling water all over them to a sound called Watchu You Doin’ by Mr. Hotspot and Toosi or “Ah Eh” as the audio is titled on the app itself.

The audio isn’t new, and there are already 1.5m TikToks using it. Creators have used the sound for comedic effect in a number of different scenarios since the beginning of last year, such as taking off false eyelashes or dipping cookies in milk, but the theme of spilling water has grown in the last couple of weeks.

Who’s in on it?

The vast majority of videos involve parents pranking their kids resulting in some hilarious stunned faces from babies and toddlers, often titled “no babies were harmed in the making of this video”. In some cases, it’s the other way around with kids pranking their own parents.

Colleen Ballinger, aka. Miranda Sings, tried it out with her baby who seemed to enjoy being splashed with water. Colleen captioned it “Sooo @itjojosiwa text me and told me I had to try this with my baby… he LOVED IT,” and so did 5.3m others who liked the video.

Others have tried it on their pets – Jason Derulo pranked his own dogs – and other creators just used it to prank people. Brent Rivera, Keemokazi, Lance Stewart, Corinna Kopf, and Taylor Holder have all chucked water over their friends.

Which are the best ones?

Watch this baby look ultra shocked and speechless

Check out Lance Stewart using a full bucket of water

Here’s Joe Mele making his Dad a little bit mad

If you’re looking for a wholesome laugh, this is the trend for you. Search through #momsoftiktok for an amazing selection of stunned baby faces.

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