Kenzie Ziegler slams “disrespectful” video from Clubhouse boys

Instagram: Kenzie / YouTube: Clubhouse BH

Popular TikTokker and former Dance Moms star Mackenzie “Kenzie” Ziegler has hit out at Isaak Presley and Sebastian Topete after they posted a “Smash or Pass” video to YouTube rating popular female influencers. 

Isaak and Sebastian, who are both members of the Clubhouse, an influencer household founded by Daisy Keech and Abby Rao, posted a video to the official Clubhouse YouTube channel where they rated creators including Alex French, Addison Rae, and Kenzie herself, as a “Smash” or “Pass.”

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Isaak maintained throughout that the game was “clickbait,” and that by “smash” they really meant “we think they’re cute and we’d take them on a date.” Isaak said “please don’t take anything we said too seriously,” but that didn’t stop commenters from airing out their grievances.

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Isaak was noticeably uncomfortable when asked to rate Kenzie, his ex-girlfriend, and gave her a “pass.” Kenzie commented “jeez” and said, “it’s just disrespectful” under a clip from the video that was posted to Instagram.

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She then tweeted: “Boys are so disrespectful… I just can’t believe how guys talk about girls on the internet.”

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On the video itself, one user commented: “This challenge was way too soon. Like Isaak and Kenzie just broke up. I feel so bad for Kenzie”

Another user said: “This is so disrespectful talking about girls like this like we’re some objects to judge. I expected more from Isaak, this isn’t youtube content, it’s disgusting”

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Followers of the Clubhouse BH Instagram account weren’t happy either. User itz._ur.gurl_mirian said: “Wow Isaak you nearly broke up with Kenzie and know you’re playing Smash or Pass, wow.”

It appears that Kenzie wasn’t the only high-profile creator to be bristled by the video. Eagle-eyed fans have also spotted that Jaden Hossler seemed to have unfollowed Sebastian and Isaak since the video was posted, and Bryce Hall has unfollowed Sebastian.

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