Corinna Kopf explains why she stopped talking to Adin Ross after relationship rumors

Jacob Hale

When Adin Ross started to really blow up on Twitch, he would often be found on stream with Corinna Kopf, with relationship rumors running rampant. Months later, she’s explained why the two stopped talking and the relationship never happened.

Corinna has become one of the most popular women on the internet, with millions of followers across social media. She’s recently made the switch back from Facebook to Twitch for her livestreams, too.

In late 2020 and into 2021, she was seen with Adin on stream quite a lot looking very close. They even had a hot tub stream together and, finally, they kissed on stream in early 2021, in a moment that went viral and helped push Adin’s drive to the top even further.

In June 2021, though, Corinna confirmed that she hadn’t spoken to Adin for months, revealing that she regretted going public with him at all due to the backlash she received.

adin ross and corinna kopf in twitch stream
Corinna and Adin got very close on stream.

She also said that he has “the most toxic fanbase on the internet” but insisted that it was still all love between the two and she harbored no resentment to him for it.

During a March 6 Twitch stream, though, she spoke a little more on what exactly happened between herself and Adin over a year ago now.

“From what I can remember, the main reason for us not talking was because he wanted more of a relationship and I didn’t,” she explained. “He just wanted more than I wanted, and then we stopped talking. And then he met Pami and obviously they hit it off.”

Since the short-lived fling with Adin, the rumor mill has been very quiet when it comes to Corinna Kopf’s relationships and based on how things went with Adin that might be a purposeful move on her part.

Adin revealed his relationship with PamiBaby in April 2021, and they appear to have been happy together ever since.

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