Woman quits Adin Ross dating show after being “oversexualized” by guests

Adin Ross wearing white Nike t-shirtAdin Ross

A TikToker abruptly quit Adin Ross’ dating show after being “oversexualized” by guests making comments that made her “uncomfortable.”

Adin Ross has been a hot topic to start 2023, first when the Twitch star turned to Kick — signing the “biggest streaming deal ever” to broadcast there exclusively after his permanent ban from the Amazon-owned platform.

Since jumping ship to Kick, though, he has come under scrutiny on several occasions. Notably, Adin has faced backlash for sharing sexual content with viewers, asking fans to perform dangerous acts for money, and going on a “transphobic rant.”

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Now, the 22-year-old is facing criticism again, after a woman suddenly quit his dating show after she said she was “oversexualized” by male guests.

Adin Ross under fire after woman “oversexualized” by guests

TikToker Ivyerino was invited to join Adin Ross’ dating show during his April 2 broadcast. Accompanied by several male guests, many of them have been accused of “oversexualizing” the TikToker and making inappropriate jokes.

One example pointed out by critics is Twitch streamer MeltIsLIVE, who asked “can this b*tch show her t**ties,” during a one-to-one call with Ivy.

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Another example comes from a fan known as ‘Chargeyy’ — who’s featured in several of Adin’s dating shows in past — who said the TikToker had no choice when it comes to him “eating her p**sy.”

After over 40 minutes, Ivy claimed she was getting another call on Discord, giving her a reason to abruptly leave the show.

After leaving the call, the TikToker reportedly responded to fans in her Discord that she felt uncomfortable by the comments made by Adin and his friends, and proceeded to put them on blast.

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“Like I can handle hate from viewers just fine,” Ivy wrote. “But, when it’s the creator and his friends making rape jokes and oversexualizing me it’s f**king sick.

Adin Ross ivy responseDiscord
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“I felt so uncomfortable,” she added.

Critics are hoping for Adin and his friends to be banned. Meanwhile, the Kick streamer is still yet to comment on the situation, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated if he does.

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