Corinna Kopf refuses to stop ‘thirsting’ over Hasan in his Twitch chat

corinna kopf hasanCorinna Kopf/Hasan

Twitch streamer Hasan was shocked when social media star Corinna Kopf donated to his channel and publicly thirsted over him, something she’s made a habit of recently.

Corinna Kopf has made her lusting over star streamer Hasan Piker quite a public affair.

On December 29, Corinna trolled Mizkif with a hilarious donation where she praised Hasan in Miz’s channel and said: “Hasan is so hot.”

Now, she’s back praising Hasan once again, this time in a more direct fashion.

Hasan Twitch
Hasan has over 1.8 million Twitch followers.

Corinna Kopf down bad for Hasan

During a broadcast on January 6, Hasan noticed that Corinna had made a 5,000-bit donation to his Twitch stream, with a suggestive message along with it.

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Hasan, who was watching the new Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan video, interrupted the viewing to read the message aloud.

“Please fix me daddy,” she wrote to the political streamer.

Hasan laughed at her message and replied, “Okay, you need to stop, I’m trying to focus on psycho conspiracy theories over here, okay?”

He let out a huge sigh and said “Jesus Christ”, as her comment completely distracted him from the video.

This newest donation from Corinna to Hasan is just the next installment in the long-going public affection each has shown one another.

When Corinna faced backlash in Summer 2021 for voicing her opinions on the public health crisis, Hasan chimed in with “I’ll defend you Corinna!”

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Maybe Hasan will actually end up ‘fixing’ Corinna.