Adin Ross friendzones Corinna Kopf after she asks him to “bend her over”

adin ross rejects corinna kopfInstagram/corinnakopf/Kick

Adin Ross stunned his viewers after he rejected Corinna Kopf’s advances live during a Kick stream.

Corinna Kopf and Adin Ross had a falling out last year when the OnlyFans star claimed that the Kick streamer wanted more of a relationship with her.

Now, it seems like the tables have turned quite a bit since the two last spoke when Corinna gave Adin a call while he was live streaming.

This time, Adin was a bit hesitant to pick up the phone, telling chat that “the devil” was calling him, but what happened next caught everyone off guard.

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Adin Ross rejects Corinna Kopf live on Kick

After answering the call, Corinna got straight to the point and hit Adin with an offer that many men wouldn’t dare refuse.

“When are you going to come to the Bahamas and bend me over a table?” she asked.

“That’s a great question,” Adin replied. “I think the answer to that question is never!”

Despite Adin turning Kopf down, she continued to press for him to come to the Bahamas – something the streamer had to once again say no to. After the OF star accused Adin of dodging her, the Kick icon explained that he in fact was.

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“I’m working on myself. I’m becoming a better version of myself. And all of a sudden you want to come back and swoop in. No!” the streamer exclaimed. “We’re buddies. Yes, you are my friend. I got you. But that is all we will ever be!”

With that Adin ended the call, leaving Corinna in shock that he had rejected her. It’s not clear how authentic the whole situation was or if it was played up for the stream, but viewers were impressed with Ross’s ability to resist his former fling.

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