Adin Ross explains why he refuses to date anyone without “money and a name”

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Adin Ross kick streamer

Kick star Adin Ross has claimed he will not be dating anybody who doesn’t have “money and a name,” following his split with ex-girlfriend Demisux.

Adin Ross “broke up” with fellow streamer Demisux shortly after going public at the start of January, following a Kick stream.

Since then, rumors have circulated via viral clips and posts that Demi had allegedly cheated on the streamer with her ex-boyfriend while they were in a relationship. This has caused his socials and stream live chats to be constantly flooded with waves of comments regarding the situation.

Ross has briefly addressed this in previous broadcasts, but he has now pleaded with his fans to “stop bringing this sh*t up” and has explained why he is not dating anyone without “money and a name.”

Adin Ross will not date anyone without “money and a name”

During his Kick stream on February 14, Adin Ross announced to his viewers: “I’m not getting in a relationship for a very long time, for a very very very long time. Do you know why? Because at this point in my life there is nothing that is going to be real.

“There is nothing that is going to be real out of it, I am grinding right now unless I date someone with, money and a name. That’s facts. I’m sorry, but that is just the truth, it is impossible, it’s impossible.”

As his live chat flooded with responses regarding Demisux, Ross further stated that “there is no shots fired to anybody bro, I can’t date anybody, I’m not allowed, at this point in my life, no point, no f*cking point. Unless the person, literally, has money and followers.”

He ended by asking his fans to “stop bringing this sh*t up,” and that he said for the last time: “I don’t give a f*ck, bro. It’s over with. It’s stupidly done with. It doesn’t matter anymore.”

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