CodeMiko doesn’t understand why VTuber fans are so “protective” amid PewDiePie backlash

Georgina Smith
CodeMiko and her Technician side by side

CodeMiko’s creator, the Technician, called into the H3H3 podcast to share her experience online, and revealed that she doesn’t understand why the VTuber community is so “protective” following backlash against PewDiePie for his new avatar.

VTuber CodeMiko is a rapidly growing creator on Twitch, using an expensive movement-tracking suit to bring a colorful avatar to life in real-time.

Viewers are able to spend Twitch’s currency, Bits, to alter aspects of Miko’s environment and body, making her streams hugely interactive, and there’s no doubt that the developer, or Technician as she calls herself, is a genius for setting it all up.

VTubers are becoming so popular, that even YouTube PewDiePie wanted in on the action, though his decision to use an avatar in his videos was not well-received by some fans. Some said that his audience is too ‘edgy’ and would only serve to generate hate towards the VTuber community.

PewDiePie with his VTuber avatar
Not everyone was happy about PewDiePie trying out VTubing.

However, many also set to work attempting to override the hate against PewDiePie with positivity for the community instead. Pokimane is another example of a creator who was called out for trying to ‘cash in’ on the trend.

Now, after calling into Ethan and Hila Klein’s H3H3 podcast, CodeMiko’s Technician revealed her stance on the whole drama. Ethan asked her why people were so protective over the idea of what a VTuber is who can be a VTuber.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I don’t know. I can’t relate, to be honest. Because every human being is born as a human being, so I don’t understand how you could be protective of it? I don’t know. That mentality I never really understood. I think maybe it’s because I come from the tech side. And maybe it’s because they come from a more cultural, anime side?”

Topic starts at 8:50

After Ethan asked whether CodeMiko’s creator feels accepted within the VTuber community, she answered: “I think so? I hope so. I do have a few VTuber friends. I don’t really think about whether I’m accepted, I’ve never really thought about it. I think I am?”

She went onto reiterate that some VTuber fans seem to have an “anime-central culture,” and that although she jokes that she’s seen a lot of anime, she has actually only read the Death Note manga.

It’s clear that the viewers and creators in the community don’t have one unifying opinion about PewDiePie trying out an avatar for himself, but CodeMiko definitely seems to be more open to the idea of others joining the community.

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