Chase Hudson & Jaden Hossler to appear in Machine Gun Kelly movie

Published: 9/Oct/2020 14:55 Updated: 9/Oct/2020 18:09

by Alice Hearing


Popular TikTok stars Chase “lilhuddy” Hudson and Jaden Hossler will appear alongside rapper and singer Machine Gun Kelly in a mystery project soon to be revealed.

Chase is a member of the Hype House and one of TikTok’s biggest names. He has 25.3 million followers and previously dated Charli D’Amelio, the queen of the app with more than 91 million followers. Jaden Hossler is a musician and influencer with 8.5 million TikTok followers and is closely associated with the Sway house


Machine Gun Kelly has just released his pop-punk album “Tickets to my Downfall,” which is currently at number 1 in the Billboard album chart. The rapper and singer is the man of the moment, having recently collaborated with musicians including Halsey and Blackbear, and now he’s involving TikTokers too.

In an Instagram post, Machine Gun Kelly revealed that TikTok heartthrob Chase is heavily involved in his latest project, which wrapped up on Thursday night. The singer filmed himself holding a camera and shouting “last day of the movie, let’s go!” with LilHuddy in a pink outfit next to rapper Mod Sun. He also explained that it was his first time directing.

Instagram: Chase Hudson
Chase Hudson has more than 25 million TikTok followers

All week, the singer and Chase have been working on a “huge” project that is only being described as a “movie” by all involved. It also looks as though Blink 182’s Travis Barker has a role in the production after he appeared in Mod Sun’s Instagram stories on set, but no more details have been revealed. In a later post, Machine Gun Kelly described it as the “best week of my life.”

It was also revealed that Jaden Hossler is involved after he was interviewed by Celebrity Livin’ earlier this week where he mentioned that he was focusing on the movie.

It looks as though the project will be Chase Hudson’s first significant acting role, though he previously appeared briefly in the music video for Blueberry Faygo by Lil Mosey earlier this year.


However, fans have had mixed reactions to Chase Hudson’’s involvement. Under Machine Gun Kelly’s Instagram post, some were unimpressed with one person writing “I was hyped ’til I seen Huddy,” while another person wrote, “Yay I’m so happy for Chase to be a part of this!”

But those involved in the production have nothing but nice things to say about the 18-year-old. Mod Sun posted an Instagram story featuring Chase saying “This is one of my new best friends for life. I believe in this kid fully. I cannot wait to see the kind of art that we just did… Chase, you blew my mind kid, I love you forever.”


xQc calls out Forsen after setting his record Minecraft speedrun time

Published: 14/Oct/2020 23:11

by Brent Koepp


Popular Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel lost it after achieving an incredible Minecraft speedrun time. The former Overwatch pro hilariously called out fellow streamer Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors, and challenged him to beat his record.

For many, xQc has become the face of Twitch over the last two years. The former Overwatch pro is one of the most followed channels on the platform, and consistently pulls in 30-40k viewers each time he goes live.


During his October 13 broadcast, the Canadian exploded in excitement after setting a new personal record when beating Minecraft. Celebrating, the 24-year-old called out Forsen and dared him to pass his speedrun time.

Twitch: xQcOw
The Twitch streamer celebrated beating Minecraft in a record time.

xQc challenges Forsen to beat his Minecraft speedrun time

Despite releasing over a decade ago, Minecraft continues to be one of the most popular games on Twitch. In 2020, streamers like xQc have been trying to beat the game in record time in front of viewers.


After months of previous attempts – some that ended in disaster – the stars finally aligned for Lengyel on October 13 when he managed to complete the title incredibly fast.

Using the Nether bed trick to slay the Ender Dragon quickly, the former Overwatch pro was able to take down the final boss and achieve a speedrun record of just 33 minutes. “Holy s**t!” he screamed as beast died.


Elated, the star exploded in celebration over his new time. “33! Beat that s**t!” He then hilariously called out Forsen who has also been speedrunning Minecraft. “Beat it, Forsen! Beat it! 33:49! Nearly sub-30!” he said, slamming his fists on the desk.

xQc challenged the fellow Twitch personality to attempt to beat his record. “Beat that, baby! Forget it. Forget variety, Forsen. It will take months to beat that s**t!  Forget the variety streams, dude.”


According to Lengyel, everything seemed to just click and fall into place during his latest Minecraft run. He was even able to achieve a “perfect” kill of the Ender Dragon using his strategy, which he had been practicing in the past month.

On October 14, Forsen responded to the challenge simply stating, “Alright. Alright. Let’s do it!” Only time will tell if the Swede will be able to match or beat xQc’s incredible 33-minute time, but the rivalry has been entertaining to say the least.


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