Charly Jordan opens up on panic attacks from Instagram post

charly jordan beach instagram photoInstagram: charlyjordan

TikTok star Charly Jordan hasn’t been shy about discussing mental health in the past, but has recently spoken out about the panic attack behind one of her most “beautiful” Instagram posts.

Charly has had a pretty big year as far as online success goes: she’s accrued 240k YouTube subscribers on top of her 4 million followers on both TikTok and Instagram each.

She’s also found herself dating TikTok heartthrob Tayler Holder, who had found himself involved in an on/off relationship with Sommer Ray back in the earlier half of the year.

While she has seen a lot of success in 2020, as we all know, mental health doesn’t discriminate, and Charly has opened up a little on how she has been affected.

charly jordan horseshoe bend instagram photoInstagram: charlyjordan
There is a much deeper story behind this Instagram post than meets the eye.

Speaking on the above image, although it looks incredibly positive and inspiring, there’s actually a fairly dark story behind it.

As Charly explains in the below YouTube upload, she’s suffered from anxiety throughout her entire life, and has had frequent panic attacks — including one shortly before that photo was taken.

“I was sitting in the van and, you know, it’s the most beautiful place ever with the best people ever,” she said. “There’s absolutely nothing wrong, and I’m sitting there having a panic attack.”

After explaining what happens to her body when she starts having a panic attack, Jordan added: “I calmed down, my breathing was able to be relaxed, and that mental feeling of panic is still there… I could barely stand up.”

Throughout the video, Charly spoke about how she copes with her mental health issues and her anxiety, as well as how her friends helped her in that particular situation, which likely makes her feel much more comfortable about the situation and her struggles.

As Charly explains, they powered through the shoot they were on and she got the incredible photos to go with it — and made note of how important it is for people to know what triggers their anxiety and ways to deal with it.