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Catherine McBroom surprises fans with new solo YouTube channel

Published: 6/Aug/2021 11:05

by Georgina Smith


Catherine McBroom from the ACE Family has revealed that she’s going to be starting her own solo YouTube channel in which she talks about topics related to makeup, skincare, spirituality, and more.

With over 19 million subscribers, the ACE Family led by Austin and Catherine McBroom is one of the most popular family YouTube channels on the whole platform.

For years, they have been documenting their lives as a family through their vlogs, introducing their kids to the world and garnering a huge fan base.

The pair have, however, recently come under fire after a series of alleged lawsuits, one involving Catherine’s skincare brand Gateway 1212 and several others involving Austin over the Battle of the Platforms pay dispute.


Catherine McBroom rubbishes claims that her husband has a "secret family"
Instagram: Austin McBroom
The ACE family have often been subject to controversy.

Amid all the drama, it looks like Catherine is still keen to push forward with YouTube-related endeavors, as she has revealed that she will be starting her own solo YouTube channel.

“There’s just so much life going on, in everyone’s world. Just so much going on. And I wish I could just… I’m just gonna spit it out. Catherine is starting her own channel,” she announced via her Snapchat story.

Catherine went on to upload a huge list of topics that she planned to discuss on the channel, many of them related to either spirituality or cosmetics.



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They included things such as: “God, purpose, realms, spirit guides, plant medicine, hygiene, skincare, makeup tutorials, pregnancy,” and more.

While some were happy to see the creator announce plans to start up a solo channel, others seemed less than convinced by the list of video topics she proposed. Others said they felt it was a financial move as a result of the lawsuits.

It appears she has yet to upload her first video, and it’s not clear when she intends to, but viewers are interested in seeing what her content will be like.