Austin & Catherine McBroom are allegedly being sued for $30 million

. 11 months ago
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YouTube matriarch Catherine McBroom is allegedly being sued for $30,000,000 by former business partner TBL Cosmetics. This comes after her collaboration with the brand on “defective” skincare company 1212 Gateway. The apparent legal documents state that Catherine and the ACE Family are “in pari delicto,” meaning they share equal responsibility. 

Catherine’s skincare line hit the headlines back in May 2021. Customers complained that the brand was a “scam,” speaking openly about lost products and unsatisfactory compensation.

It was reported the family – who have a net worth of “approximately $22 million” – faced further money woes on July 5. Rumors circulated that the bank was about to foreclose on their $7.5 million home after it was listed on Zillow.

Catherine later denied these reports, calling them “false narratives and untrue rumors.”

Catherine McBroom Ace Family lawsuit
Instagram: 1212gateway/catherinemcbroom
Fans complained about “defective” products and lost orders when Catherine launched 1212 skincare

Documents detailing an alleged lawsuit against the YouTube stars were released on July 22. While the reason for legal proceedings is unclear, it states that TBL is seeking compensation for “punitive damages.” This means the company is unhappy with Catherine’s professional conduct.

As well as this, the papers state that the ACE Family attempted to appeal a “mechanic’s lien” on their property. The lien ensures any contractor who works on their house gets paid for it. The request to release the property has subsequently been denied.

The complaint was allegedly filed on April 12, though it appears a trial date hasn’t yet been set.


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Fans react to the alleged lawsuit

It remains unclear as to whether the widely-shared legal documents are actually real, and fans have been speculating their legitimacy.

“Is this real?” one fan questioned. “Her real name isn’t even Catherine.” Another fan stated the documents may have been forged by “haters.”

Some commenters sympathized with the family, with one stating they “wouldn’t wish this on (their) worst enemy.” Others simply saw the humor in the situation. One Instagram user commented, “looks like they’ll be moving back into that small apartment soon.”

With a court date unannounced and no word on whether the rumors are true, fans will have to wait and see what’s next for the ACE Family.

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