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CallMeCarson addresses Katerino cheating controversy in Twitch return

Published: 27/Apr/2020 3:47

by Andrew Amos


Carson ‘CallMeCarson’ King has fielded questions about the Katerino cheating controversy briefly on his return to Twitch, with the streamer pledging to not dwell on the past and instead move forward.

Carson, who boasts 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube and over 800,000 on Twitch, has been caught in the crossfire of a cheating controversy involving Twitch star and ex-girlfriend ‘Katerino’ and a host of other personalities, including close friend Cameron ‘Fitz’ McKay.

He took an “indefinite break” from all platforms to deal with the drama, before marking his return on April 14 to start getting back into what he loves.

Instagram: KaterinoTV
Carson and Katerino split up after it was revealed Kate cheated on the YouTuber.

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However, the community is still on the hunt for new gossip. His Twitch viewer count was through the roof on April 26, as people eagerly awaited further comment on the Katerino controversy.

However, Carson didn’t have much to say, except to thank those who have stood beside him through it.

“I’m not going to spend too long on it but I know a lot of people are concerned about me and at the end of the day I want everyone to know that I am fine,” he said. “Obviously it f**king sucked, but I think I’m doing my best I can to move past it.”


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He once again apologized for “putting it in the public eye,” and that his Twitter statement last week is still the sentiment he shares today.

He also said that part of his “moving forward” will be to just “address it very little.” He wants to get back to doing what he loves for who he loves ⁠— his community ⁠— and focus on what really matters.

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“I won’t talk about it that much,” he added. “People that come here to hear about the drama are probably disappointed by that. Everyone was very attentive to this drama, and it was a big deal, but personally I just need to move on.


“Sometimes I’ll just be lost or confused in the moment and I’ll make a joke, but other than that I’m moving forward as best I can. That’s about it.”


While Carson is back online now, it might be some time until he gets back into his regular content. He put up a compilation video of his favorite moments of the year to take his mind off things, but nothing is set in stone just yet.

He has assured fans this won’t be the last they see of him though, and he’s going to keep pushing out content ⁠— there might just be a bit of patience involved.