CallMeCarson responds to Katerino and Fitz following cheating scandal

katerinotv, Instagram

Popular YouTuber ‘CallMeCarson’ has responded to Fitz and ex-girlfriend ‘Katerino’ after she shared her side of the cheating scandal in her April 14 YouTube video.

Since Carson announced his “indefinite” hiatus from YouTube, he confirmed some of the rumors that had surfaced, claiming that his ex-girlfriend Katerino had cheated on him with friend and fellow YouTuber Fitz.

Katerino uploaded a video on April 14, detailing her side of the controversy and now Carson has issued his own response to both content creators, in an attempt to move on from the drama.

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CallMeCarson, YouTube
YouTuber CallMeCarson has responded to ex-girlfriend Katerino’s YouTube video on the cheating scandal.

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He made a short post on April 15, and although many fans claimed that he was the victim, Carson revealed that he also had a part to play in worsening the situation and apologized for publicizing the drama.

“I want to admit my own faults in this situation as I am guilty of things here as well,” he explained, “it was a private matter that should have stayed private.”

He also explained that he had acted out of emotional impulse when first confirming the cheating rumors, “It hurt me to think that 2 people could do something like this to me and get away with it, so in an emotionally impulsive response I put it in front of the world.”

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The content creator continued to share his thoughts on the matter and thanked his fans for supporting him through a difficult time.

He also asked for fans to show respect towards Katerino and Fitz before finally apologizing to them for publicizing their private lives instead of trying to resolve it together.

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Shortly after his response, YouTuber Fitz broke his silence on the drama and apologized to Carson for his part in the controversy.

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“Although the situation is a lot more complicated than anyone expected, I want to apologize publicly, not just in private,” he shared, expressing his apologies to his fellow content creator.

With Carson seemingly wanting to move on from the drama, it is likely that he will focus on making his return to content creation once again after revealing he would be putting it on pause to deal with this matter.

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