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Bryce Hall fans freaking out after Riley Hubatka moment in new vlog

Published: 30/Jul/2021 16:11

by Georgina Smith


Fans think that TikToker Bryce Hall and Riley Hubatka could potentially be dating after they kissed on-screen in Bryce’s latest YouTube video.

While Bryce Hall was once dating TikTok sensation Addison Rae, things came to an end in March after the popular influencer pair chose to end things, announcing to their millions of fans that things were over between them.

Although some were sad to see an end to the couple, others were quick to start looking to see whether the stars had found themselves new love interests in the weeks and months following.

Many are now convinced that Bryce is dating influencer Riley Hubatka, after he was initially spotted kissing a girl that many claimed to be Riley in a club.


Bryce Hall nearly kissing Riley Hubatka
YouTube: Bryce Hall
Rumors about the two stars have been ongoing, and the pair have addressed it in YouTube and TikTok content.

Since then the pair have appeared in plenty of content together, even making their own tongue-in-cheek TikToks to respond to the rumors.

But Bryce is definitely making the most of his viewers’ interest in the two stars, as he’s been using images of them as thumbnails for his videos, even staging an ‘almost kiss’ between them and joking: “I don’t have a clickbait for my video.”

Now, they’ve taken it to the next level, having shared a kiss on camera after he sparred mixed martial artist Vitor Belfort. “Should I do it just because you lost,” she said, before they eventually kissed.


Topic starts at 5:04

Fans in the comment section seemed in disbelief that they’d finally actually done it, wondering what this could mean.

“Omg did yall see how Riley smiled after they kissed, omg she likes him,” one comment with over 300 likes read.

In another comment, one fan wrote: “There’s no way that that’s the first time Bryce & Riley have ever kissed,” which Bryce himself then went on to like.

Bryce Hall likes a YouTube comment

However, there’s still no telling whether they’re just close friends or something more, as they haven’t officially confirmed anything. Regardless, Bryce’s viewers certainly seem to be fans of content that involves Riley.