Bryce Hall under fire after ‘hypocritical’ lockdown parties Tweet

Charlotte Colombo
bryce hall youtube

Sway House’s Bryce Hall has caused a stir on social media after seemingly criticizing ‘insensitive’ influencers for partying during the current global health crisis – being labeled a hypocrite.

Recently, Bryce Hall has been causing controversy on his social media platforms left, right and centre.

Earlier this month, he was slammed by fans after sharing photos he took in front of the campaign truck of third-party candidate Brock Pierce, with rumors of him endorsing the candidate further intensifying after a leaked conversation seemingly showed him saying that Pierce ‘had his vote’.

Hall was quick to put those rumors to rest on Twitter – saying the only person he endorsed for President was ‘Mama Hall’. But, his outspoken nature has once again got him into trouble, after he has spoken out against influencers partying over Halloween with no regard for social distancing.

The Tweet, which takes aim at ‘influencers going to/throwing parties on Halloween’ despite the current global health crisis, can be seen as a thinly-veiled swipe at the upcoming ‘Verified Party Pt 4’. This is being held by influencers Joey Birlem, Zach Clayton and the band WAV3POP.

bryce hall tweetGiven his own self-confessed ‘party animal’ nature, Bryce Hall’s Tweet has left fans confused.

According to YouTuber DefNoodles, several influencers appear set to fly from all over US to attend the bash.

However, as valid as Hall’s criticism may be, many fans have pointed out that he is in no position to criticize influencer’s behavior. After all, he was caught at a string of rule-breaking parties over the last few months, with the LA Mayor even cutting off utilities in the original Sway House mansion after his 21st birthday party broke social distancing rules.

One Twitter user said: “It’s the hypocrisy for me”, while another joked that “he’s one to talk.” As well as fans, YouTubers like DefNoodles put the TikTok star on blast, as he pointed out that “Bryce Hall is literally the only influencer who got fined for throwing parties.”

Meanwhile, several other Twitter users rushed to Hall’s defense, claiming that the Tweet was meant to be tongue-in-cheek and not to be taken seriously.

One user said: “He’s being sarcastic because everyone that calls him out are the ones throwing and going to parties. He’s the only one that gets called out. No one on TikTok Room or anywhere gives a flying f**k about the others if he’s not there. Ooo Bryce didn’t go… Oh, it’s ok then. The others can party.”

Another said: “I have a feeling he’s trying to take the p**s at this point. He already knows he’s getting hate so he might as well get hate for this. In addition to that, I think he’s absolutely loving all of the attention he’s getting.”

Whatever Hall’s intentions are with this Tweet, it is clear that most of his fans are not willing to let him forget his mistakes that easily.