Bryce Hall slams Noah Beck’s claims that he’s not “brand safe”

YouTube: Bryce Hall, Noah Beck

TikTok star Bryce Hall has officially left the Sway House… but it looks like his relationship with some of his former housemates is taking a turn for the worse.

The heyday of TikTok content houses seems to be reaching its twilight years. Bryce Hall, once the crowning jewel of the Sway House, has officially left the group to “join up” with the Hype House — once its greatest rival.

That’s not all; it looks like his friendship with some Sway House members has soured, as he threw some not-so-subtle shade toward Noah Beck and Blake Gray, claiming that there was some uncomfortable “tension” between them.

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It looks like this friction between himself and Noah is turning up another notch, too, after Beck revealed in an interview with GQ that he felt Bryce wasn’t exactly “brand safe” for his image.

Sway House group picInstagram: swayla
The Sway House has been quiet for some time, but after Bryce Hall’s official exit, it looks like the content house is no more.

“I can’t be in too many videos with [the Sway House], because brands will see that and they’re like, ‘Oh, well, you’re doing this with Bryce, and he’s not very, like, brand safe,” Beck said.

Bryce is now taking a big hit =back at Beck’s words. Hall published a pretty pointed tweet about the current success of he and Josh Richard’s Ani energy drink, which could very well be a direct response to Beck’s GQ interview quip.

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“My energy drink just got put in 300 + Walmarts across the U.S.” Bryce wrote. “I don’t ‘ruin’ brand deals… B***H I AM THE BRAND DEALS!”

Bryce also uploaded a video to his Instagram stories speaking on the situation, saying much the same thing.

“You said that I f**k up the brand deals,” Hall bragged while driving down the road. “B**h I am the brand deals! Ani, Walmart, 7-Eleven, ShopRite. What’s good?”

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(Readers can watch Bryce’s video by tapping the right arrow in the Instagram post below.)


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Bryce Hall and Josh Richard’s Ani Energy drink recently entered distribution at 400 Walmart locations, after noticing that smaller stores were selling out of the product fast.

With Richards claiming that Walmart was the “perfect distribution” platform due to the major nostalgia factor the store has for him, it seems like he and Bryce really are seeing some massive success right now.. And Beck doesn’t seem too pressed about missing out.

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