Bryce Hall responds after PewDiePie slams “awful” Sway House tour

. 8 months ago
YouTube: PewDiePie, Bryce Hall

An unexpected interaction is happening between YouTube king PewDiePie and TikToker Bryce Hall after the Sway House star noticed he’d been roasted by the Swedish influencer.

Bryce Hall is the face of the Sway House, a group of TikTok guys who once lived under the same roof and created content together on a regular basis — much like their rivals, the Hype House.

Similar to the Hype House, it seems like Sway is mostly split up, with Hall moving out into his own home and some unexplained beef happening between some of the squad’s members… but Sway is back in the news after PewDiePie brought it up in a recent video.

On October 18, PewDiePie once again rated influencers’ house tours, this time fixating on TikToker homes. In particular, the Swedish YouTuber looked at the Sway boys’ Bel-Air Triller house… and it’s safe to say he wasn’t impressed, by both the home and the TikTokers.

Sway Boys triller house tour
YouTube: Triller
The Sway Boys showed off their new pad in Bel-Air last year before the group fell apart in 2021.

PewDiePie roasts Bryce Hall and the Sway House

It’s safe to say that PewDiePie came out of the gate swinging. “That’s the ‘I’m balding but I want to hide it haircut,'” he said of Bryce Hall’s hairstyle.

“Bro, these haircuts, dude!” he continued, referencing Josh Richards’ hair. “Get the f**k outta here! What is that? You look like a floor mop!”

The YouTuber wasn’t done there; he went on to call the group “cringe” and compared them to a “TikTok roid house” before going on to add: “What can I say? It’s just so s**t. I hate all of it,” taking particular issue with the house’s giant bathroom.

(Topic begins at 1:45)

Bryce Hall reacts to PewDiePie roasting him

Bryce Hall caught wind of PewDiePie’s comments on both his hair and the old Hype House. He responded to Pewd’s video on Twitter, but it looks like he’s a bit confused about how to feel regarding the entire situation.

“PewDiePie made a video roasting me,” he wrote. “Idk if I should be mad or hype.”

Thus far, fan reactions seem to be pretty excited that he got mentioned by the biggest individual channel on YouTube — but there’s no telling if he’ll issue an “official” response in a future YouTube video or not.

Either way, a beef between these two creators would be legendary, and fans can’t wait to see what happens next.

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