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TikTok users completely baffled by optical illusion dress

Published: 19/Oct/2021 16:09 Updated: 19/Oct/2021 16:18

by Sam Comrie


TikTok users have been left with a sore head, as this visual illusion-inspired dress has caused confusion among viewers.

The world of TikTok is always spawning wonderfully strange or brilliant content. Looking for your next Halloween-inspired food recipe? Yes, TikTok has just about anything you can think of. However, what most TikTok fans don’t expect is to be left utterly baffled when scrolling through videos.

TikToker @xojemian has been causing a stir, as she showed off a rather disorientating piece of clothing.

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Tiktok’s visual illusion dress is going viral

If you’re stuck for a present for your significant other, then this bizarre dress could be the way to go, as TikTok user @xojemian has gone viral. Why? Well, it appears to have some interesting illusionary qualities.

Showcasing the silvery clothing item on camera, the TikToker ties the waistband to reveal a clever trick that makes it look as though the fabric appears to shrink around the waistline.



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“I need to get this” one viewer said, while others remain puzzled by the design: “My brain just bluescreened.” Others took it one step further: “Girl it almost looked like you’d cut yourself in half for a second!”

“When I tell you I GASPED” another commenter added, feeling the collective shock of fellow viewers. “I can’t stop watching and I’m so confused” one commenter added, summarising the consensus of viewers trying to understand the effect of the dress.

Commenters are eager to get hold of the dress for themselves, as they continue to view the video on repeat, trying to figure its out mystery. It won’t be long before we see many more people causing more brains to explode with this dress.