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Bryce Hall reveals plan to beat Austin McBroom in YouTubers vs TikTokers fight

Published: 12/Jun/2021 8:56

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Bryce Hall opened up about his strategy to beat Austin McBroom in the YouTubers vs. TikTok fight, explaining that sparring has taught him “patience” and “technique” are the key.

The YouTube vs. TikTok Battle of the Platforms event is almost here, and it will see a roster of influencers from both platforms, including Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom, throw hands inside the ring.

The headlining stars have had an ongoing beef since the fight was first announced.

In addition to all the trash talk, we’ve seen everything from an ambush to an outright brawl and even the destruction of a piñata that looked remarkably similar to Bryce.


But despite all that, Bryce was unusually calm and zen-like when he revealed his strategy in the final batch of interviews. He’s learned that “patience” and “staying cool, calm, and collected” will help him get the win.

Bryce Hall Austin Mcbroom faceoff
Bryce Hall vs. Austin McBroom is the most anticipated bout of the event

“Once I see the knockout available, I’ll take it,” he said.

“Before I started sparring and everything, I was saying confidently [it would be] a first or second-round knockout. Now, after sparring multiple people that are actually good fighters, [I’ve realized it’s] very hard to knock people out.

“I’ve dropped many people in those sparring sessions but never knocked out someone. So, going in there, I’m very confident that I’m going to knock him down and TKO him or knock him out… It’s all technique.”


It’s a stark contrast to the hot-headed and aggressive approach we’ve seen from him in the lead-up to the event.

However, Bryce assured fans that although his calm approach might be misconstrued as nervousness, he’s feeling great and is ready to go.

The Battle of the Platforms kicks off on June 12 at 7 PM ET / 4 PM PT. Dexerto’s Mike Kent and the Wicked Good Gaming Guys are hosting a watchalong stream on our official Twitch channel, which you can tune into once it’s live here.