Austin McBroom ambushes Bryce Hall in heated meetup before YouTubers vs TikTokers

Bryce Hall Austin McBroom confrontationYouTube: Bryce Hall

The beef between internet stars Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom just got even more intense after the two had a seaside encounter that turned physical ahead of their June 12 boxing match.

YouTubers vs TikTokers is pitting the best of both platforms’ top talent against each other, lining up seven boxing matches between fourteen influencers to determine which website has the most physical prowess.

This fight will culminate in a bout between family YouTuber Austin McBroom and Sway House TikToker Bryce Hall, who started a very profitable beef back in March.

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Now the two are set to throw down for all the marbles, and after literal months of talking smack on the internet, finally met each other face-to-face in Miami, Florida.


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Both Hall and McBroom flew to the Sunshine State to shoot some promotional material for the upcoming fight, where they filmed a staredown that was nothing short of intense.

At the behest of their management, they didn’t lay hands on each other… but afterwards, the rules weren’t so clear.

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During a boat ride with friends the next day, Hall noticed McBroom partying it up on another craft a short distance away. Sensing a prime opportunity to get a rise out of his opponent, Hall drew his boat a little bit closer to exchange words — and, apparently, water bottles.

“You’re not gonna do ****,” Hall taunted. “I don’t care about these cameras, dude. I’ll smack the *** out of you! I swear to God. I’ll knock you out now and in the ring.”

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It looks like Hall’s trash talk hit a little too close to home, as McBroom appeared to throw water bottles at his rival a few moments later, reminding Hall of their bout come June 12.

(Encounter starts at 3:00)

While it doesn’t look like these two will exchange blows before the event, their latest encounter certainly adding more fuel to the fire as the clock ticks down to their eventual boxing showdown.

Fans can catch YouTubers vs TikTokers on June 12 LivexLive. Other influencers slated to appear include AnEsonGib vs Tayler Holder, Tanner Fox vs Nick Austin, and even Deji vs Vinnie Hacker.

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