Bryce Hall and Addison Rae confront paparazzi following them together

Bryce Hall and addison raeBryce Hall/Addison Rae, Instagram

TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Addison Rae confronted paparazzi who were following them around Los Angeles as dating rumors continue to surround the pair.

Addison Rae and Bryce Hall have been rumored to have been dating for quite a while, but the pair have remained vague about many of the details of their relationship.

The popular influencers have been seen out together on numerous occasions, fueling rumors and speculation amongst their fans, however, they recently confronted paparazzi after they were spotted with one another on June 23.

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Addison Rae and Bryce HallInstagram: Bryce Hall
There has been plenty of speculation surrounding the TikTok stars’ relationship.

The pair were apparently going for brunch in Beverly Hills when they were filmed by Celebrity Livin, a YouTube channel that often interviews the top TikTok stars and digital influencers.

Despite Addison and Bryce seemingly wanting to keep a low profile, they quickly noticed the nearby photographer and even confronted him on how he managed to track them down.

“How do you know where we are?” Bryce asked, clearly frustrated after being found.

When it was revealed that Addison’s car was followed to the restaurant, Bryce shared his disbelief at the photographer’s ability to track them down.

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“Dude you’re an investigator, I swear to god,” Hall added, sharing that they didn’t even give any clues as to where they were going, adding that “we didn’t even post anything.”

Bryce followed up by asking just what the paparazzi had captured during their time waiting in-line and, when it was claimed that little had been filmed, the popular TikTok couple turned back into the restaurant to have their brunch.

It was recently confirmed by Bryce, on the Mom’s Basement podcast with FaZe Banks and KEEMSTAR, that while he and Addison are still officially single, they are now “testing the waters.”

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