TikTok star Addison Rae and mother team up with Spotify for new podcast

Alan Bernal

TikTok star Addison ‘Rae’ Easterling and her mom Sheri ‘Nicole’ Easterling have signed with Spotify’s Parcast to make Mama Knows Best, a brand new podcast about the viral personality’s home life.

The 19-year-old star has been a rising talent in online entertainment with her massive following on TikTok making her dances and lip sync skits some of the most popular clips on the platform.

But audiences will also be familiar with Nicole, who is known for making the occasional appearance on Rae’s channels. Now the new show is going to put the spotlight on the two and how they navigate fame and family ties.

The show promises to give “an authentic slice of Addison’s life—and some relatable wisdom from everyone’s favorite TikTok mom.” As the title suggests, Momma Knows Best will revolve around the back-and-forth between someone who grew up outside of the virality of online fame and Rae’s upbringing in the midst of her popularity.

Rae and Nicole will star in a weekly podcast exclusive to Spotify.

“Every week we’re going to talk about my life, the big and the small, and pretty much everything you want to know — or don’t want to know,” Rae said.

The new Spotify-exclusive will cover everything from Rae’s experiences going ‘viral’, to the dating world and how it’s changed since technology and social media took over.

Since becoming one of the world’s biggest emerging names on social media, Rae’s attracted millions of fans, many who want a closer perspective into her life. The new show is going to detail that in droves with the first episode called ‘Life Before You Knew Me.’

The deal will have Rae and Nicole do a new episode every week on Monday, where the duo will explore different topics surrounding the TikTokkers.

Rae has become one of the most talked about personalities online with over 50 million followers on TikTok, 23 million followers on Instagram, and nearly 3 million fans on YouTube as well as Twitter.

Now she’s going to produce even more content with her mom on Spotify, where fans will get an inside look at the life behind her and Nicole as they navigate internet stardom together.