Tana Mongeau shocked after Bryce Hall says he only slept with her for clout

tana-mongeau-shocked-over-bryce-hall-confessionYouTube: Zach Sang Show, Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau was left shocked after TikTok star Bryce Hall claimed that he’d only slept with her for clout in spite of their close friendship.

Social media stars Tana Mongeau and Bryce Hall have had a close friendship for a number of years. In fact, it was even rumored they were dating following Hall’s breakup from on-again, off-again girlfriend Addison Rae in 2021.

However, these two have never outright said they were romantic, although they weren’t shy about alluding to their possible intimate life together in a jokey friends-with-benefits type of situation.

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Come 2023, though, Bryce Hall has dropped a major bombshell about their relationship that left fans all over the internet reeling — and left Tana Mongeau with her jaw on the floor.

Bryce Hall says he only slept with Tana Mongeau for clout

Bryce Hall made an appearance on the Zach Sang Show in April, where he discussed his love life with Tana. When asked by Zach if he’d ever slept with someone just because they were famous, Hall answered with a confident, “Oh yeah.”

He then divulged the person he’d slept with, openly admitting it was Tana Mongeau back in 2019.

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“We were feeling each other, and I knew who she was, obviously,” he explained. “I was an up-and-coming guy. And then I did whatever was humanly possible to put myself in that scenario. …I was like, ‘I wanna do it to say I did it.'”

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This sparked some concerns from Zach, who said “that’s not nice” in response to Bryce’s admission. Commenters across the internet have also taken issue with Bryce’s claims, with many of Tana’s fans admonishing him for saying such a thing publicly.

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Tana Mongeau responds after Bryce Hall admission goes viral

Tana later addressed the issue in an episode of her ‘CANCELLED’ podcast, where she expressed genuine shock and confusion that Bryce would air out such a claim during a show.

“I have fought for him so hard!” she exclaimed. “I’m going through my timeline the other day, and I see this video. …you couldn’t waterboard that out of me. Never once has Bryce said this to me. Do you know what I mean?”

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“It’s not like there’s a part of me that’s sad that he said that, but imagine if it was a boy I liked and talked to. …and then Bryce texts me four days ago like, ‘Hey, poker tournament at my house. Wanna come?’ Like, what’s up Tana, come over.”

“I just can’t. I can’t believe he said that.”

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Luckily, Tana isn’t alone, as there are a slew of commenters showing their support for the YouTuber following Bryce’s scandalous confession.

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This isn’t the only big news happening for Tana, either, as she is trying to get YouTube star iDubbbz on an episode of her podcast after he publicly apologized to her in a viral video over an incident from 2017.