Bryce Hall mocks Chase Hudson in unexpected TikTok feud

Bryce Hall beefing with Chase Hudson new tiktok feudYouTube: Bryce Hall, Seventeen

TikTok star Bryce Hall is taking shots at fellow influencer Chase Hudson in an unexpected turn of events that has some fans wondering if another big feud is afoot.

Fans are wondering if Bryce Hall isn’t bringing back his old feud with Chase Hudson after his latest TikTok upload.

For those out of the loop, Bryce Hall was a key member of the Sway House, a group of male influencers who all lived together under one roof. Although the group is essentially defunct now, it’s a key part of Hall’s career and his current friend group.

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Sway House got into a famous beef with the Hype House, another popular TikTok group, back in 2020 amid Charli D’Amelio’s breakup from Chase Hudson. Both Charli and Chase were part of the Hype House, although the two influencers have since moved on from the organization.

Most notably, Bryce Hall and Josh Richards made a song poking fun at Hudson, who was accused of cheating on Charli with Nessa Barrett (who was apparently seeing the Sway House’s Josh Richards at the time).

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The track, titled ‘still sotftish,’ still lives in infamy in the TikTok world… and this legendary beef might be making a comeback, if Hall’s latest social media posts are to go by.

Bryce Hall hits out at Chase Hudson in shock TikTok feud

On March 2, Hall posted a TikTok of himself, Josh Richards, and Anthony Reeves lip syncing to Hudson’s song ‘All The Things I Hate About You.’ This particular track is notable, as many fans were convinced that Hudson was calling out his ex-girlfriend, Charli D’Amelio, for moving on with one of his former friends, Landon Barker.

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That’s not all; Hall even changed his profile pic to a photo of Chase with a bunch of heart emojis, signaling that something is seemingly afoot between Huddy and the Sway boys.

bryce hall tiktok profile copyTikTok: brycehall

Thus far, nothing has been confirmed by Hall, Richards, or Hudson… but this isn’t the first time Hudson has been dragged into a beef by another star.

Charli’s current boyfriend, Landon Barker, has been hitting out at her ex-man for some time now, and even agreed to make a diss track about him with Josh Richards last year.

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