Is Bryce Hall & Addison Rae’s relationship fake? Rumors swirl after night out with Tana Mongeau

Bryce Hall Addison RaeBryce Hall / Addison Rae Instagram

Speculation is starting to mount that TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Addison Rae are dating for appearances, as a night out with Tana Mongeau has people thinking the relationship could be fake.

On February 28, the pair was spotted at a Los Angeles restaurant but fans were more interested in the company they kept. Rae was prominently seen with Dixie D’Amelio, while Hall was seen with Mongeau and Josie Canseco, according to messages posted by ‘Deaxmoi,’ an Instagram account known for celebrity gossip.

According to an account shared to Deaxmoi, the two kept to their respective groups all night and Rae apparently didn’t answer a pointed question from paparazzi if she was mad that Hall was dining with Mongeau.

The two have multiple friend groups within the bustling L.A. influencer scene, but the outing has convinced some that the relationship is just for clout.

bryce hall tana Mongeau addison raeDeaxmoi via Def Noodles
The account detailing Addison and Bryce’s night out.

The messages Deaxmoi showed were from an anonymous sender and alleged that Hall and Rae “coordinated” how they wanted to be seen in public for paparazzi.

“Basically I think Bryce and Addison are purely PR,” they said. “I used to watch them coordinate when they would get up to go to the bathroom so the paparazzi would get a clear shot of them.”

addison rae bryce hallDeaxmoi via Def Noodles
People are reading into Bryce and Addison being in public notably apart.

They described how Rae would tell Hall to “make sure to hold my hand,” which would look better for shots in the public eye.

On the night of Feb 28, Hall had apparently made an exit with his party well before D’Amelio and Rae had left the restaurant.

addison rae bryce hall

There’s been plenty of storylines to follow in recent weeks on Rae and Hall’s relationship. From their frequent ‘on again, off again’ relationship to the allegations of Hall cheating on Rae that have been swirling, it’s one of the TikTok scene’s favorite talking points.

The two can be frequently seen featured on each others TikToks, even partaking in sponsored posts together.

Speculation on Hall and Rae’s relationship are sure to continue as they make more public appearances, something that fans will be keeping a close eye on with the latest gossip around the TikTok celebs.